MathTreks Announces The Launch Of Its Online Math Tutoring Services to Develop Problem - Solvers Throughout Minnesota

MathTreks is a startup transforming how students apply their mathematical knowledge and skills to solve meaningful problems.

Saint Paul, Minnesota / June 15, 2020 MathTreks today announces the launch of its online tutoring service for expanding the curiosity, capabilities, and confidence of today and tomorrow’s problem-solvers.  MathTreks’ Minnesota – certified math teachers facilitate thirty minute problem – solving sessions.  Each session is designed around a complex, applied math problem that is contextualized in a topic the student finds compelling.  MathTreks offers sessions for individual students, grandchildren – grandparent duos, and small groups.  

With MathTreks, middle and high school students can solve sophisticated math problems that are aligned with their mathematical needs and individual interests.  Students are immersed in problems’ rich contexts through video and then work through a four-part process:  1.) understand the problem, 2 – 3.) develop and execute a plan, 4.) reflect.   Experienced math teachers engage students with well-timed questions and suggestions to propel their thinking further.  After the session, teachers support students’ self-reflection with qualitative, evidence-based feedback.  

In focusing on complex problem – solving, MathTreks expands and improves the type of support students can receive for learning math outside of school.  MathTreks gives students a way to concretely answer the question ‘When am I going to use this math?’   With an authentic answer, students will be more motivated to tackle challenging problems and confident that they will be successful.

“MathTreks gives families a way to address two crucial areas of learning math that are common challenges:  motivation and complex problem – solving.  By leveraging the strengths of human connection and technology, MathTreks nurtures students’ intrinsic motivation and mathematical ability to undertake big challenges,” said Andrea Touhey, MathTreks’ founder. 

There has long existed a sizable difference between the actual and the desired math performance of middle and high school students in Minnesota.  While consistently outperforming the country on the National Assessment of Education Progress, Minnesota 8th grade math students have fallen far short of reaching the level of ‘advanced’ achievement for the past twenty years.  “Students are often good at answering the first layer of a problem in the United States. But as soon as students have to go deeper and answer the more complex part of a problem, they have difficulties.”” says Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills at OECD.  Early research suggests COVID-19 has likely exacerbated the difference between students’  actual and desired performance, with researchers predicting increased learning loss from school closures this spring.  

“MathTreks offers a unique opportunity for students to complement their formal math coursework at a specific point in their learning cycle.  Unlike common tutoring approaches that are designed around homework help or test prep, MathTreks is focused only on complex problem-solving.   In striving to supercharge students’ learning with well-timed, rich learning experiences, MathTreks endeavors to motivate students to undertake more ambitious challenges in their formal academic coursework and beyond.  Ultimately, MathTreks’ goal is to be a pivotal agent in developing curious, capable, and confident mathematicians,” said Touhey.


MathTreks is an online learning company on a mission to expand the curiosity, knowledge, and skill of today and tomorrow’s problem solvers. We actively engage middle and high school math students in deep mathematical thinking, and foster their appreciation for the beauty, structure, and utility of mathematics. MathTreks’ provides personalized online tutoring sessions that are designed around meaningful, complex math problems.